Claddagh Wedding Rings, Sacred Celtic Symbols of Love and Friendship

Claddagh Wedding Rings – The Claddagh symbol is one of the most famous Irish designs. It has a long and fascinating history dating back to the Roman period at least. The Claddagh is a simple but eloquent symbol that represents two hands around a heart, with a crown above it. This romantic photo is a natural choice for many people looking for a wedding ring design. It can also be a sign of any kind of love, friendship or loyalty.

Claddagh Wedding Rings

Claddagh rings designed the most popular wedding ring of Ireland since the 17th century, but the origins of the symbol come back much farther. They’re part of some kind of ring called “The Rings of the Irish,” meaning “Faith.” The Rings of faith date back to Roman times and traditionally represented two hands representing faith, friendship, and loyalty.

For people who are familiar with the Claddagh, the symbolism can vary depending on how exhausted it is. If someone brings him in his right hand with his heart inside, they say they’re busy. In the right hand with the heart brought out, says the relationship is not yet hardened. Used in the left hand with the inner heart, says the wearer is married. Of course, not everyone knows these traditional meanings, so it is not supposed that one of these conditions only applies, depending on how someone uses a Claddagh ring.

Today the Claddagh is either a symbol of Irish or Celtic culture as a declaration of love or friendship. One of the most famous traditional Celtic symbols, the Claddagh can be used by people of Irish descent or other Celtic property to show their pride in their heritage. Or it can be used so easily by people from all over the Heritage to show their feelings to another person!

Claddagh is one of those symbols that are historical and timeless. Even someone who knows nothing of the Celtic tradition of Claddagh could deal with it and understand its meaning. For those who are familiar with their history, there is an additional and richer meaning.

This ancient symbol is so beautiful and sacred a way to show affection like never before. Claddagh wedding bands, or any other form of Claddagh symbol, is the perfect way to show someone that you will be faithful to them forever.

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