Firefighter Wedding Rings, Firefighter Wedding Rings that Keep You Safe

Firefighter Wedding Rings – If you are a firefighter or are married to him, you know how important work is and how important it is to be safe at work. Silicone rings or rubber rings (they are the same) allow men and women to do their job avoiding finger injuries.

Firefighter Wedding Rings

SafeRingz, our silicone rings, are perfect for change. Firefighters should wear a ring suited to their lifestyle and SafeRingz allows this. In addition, you always want to fulfill your obligations and now it is possible!

How do the rings of fire protect you?

Using a traditional faith in metal or tungsten is dangerous. There is a risk of clogging, ring suffix, electric shock, burns and more. And if you are a smoker, you can not afford to be in danger.

If you use SafeRingz, you get a ring that …

Built to Break: An elastic that was built to break means there is no possibility of breaking, damaging or losing your finger.

Non-conductor: Metal rings have a very low resistance and can withstand high currents even at low voltages. With a non-conducting ring, these problems are avoided and the finger is protected.

Hypoallergenic: Many people have irritation in their rings, but with an elastic they do not cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Heat resistant: this is especially important for firefighters. Metal rings are dangerous because they attract heat while the piston rings are not affected in the same way.

Biocompatible: SafeRingz is designed to be used comfortably and safely every day. It does not irritate the skin and never leaves a scratch.

Choose the perfect firefighters wedding rings.

Rubber rings eliminate the concerns that firefighters may encounter in their daily lives. SafeRingz can be worn comfortably and there is no constant fear of protecting the ring and fingers when wearing a ring that can always be trusted. You can find perfect wedding rings for hunters and find out the ring size with our custom ring sizes table.

Tell us what you like about a firefighter and how SafeRingz can help you do what you love.

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