Jeulia Wedding Rings, The Fascinating History Of Diamond Wedding Rings

Jeulia Wedding Rings – It is believed that diamonds were discovered in India in river beds in India about 6,000 years ago. India has been the only source of diamonds. A small number of diamonds appeared in the 13th century in European Regalia jewelry and together as prominent points of forged gold pearls.

In the sixteenth century, diamonds were larger and more important in response to the development of diamond polishing, which increased its brightness and brilliance. Diamond dominated in the 17th century and small jewels in the 18th century. Before diamonds were an ancient form of cash or a modern symbol of love, they were surrounded by superstition, spirituality, magic, mysticism and divine faith.

Jeulia Wedding Rings

A diamond has to go through many things before it happens on the neck or on the fingers of a beautiful lady. Under extreme heat and pressure, the diamond forms in the depths of the earth. They throw themselves violently until they reach or close to the surface of the earth. Then they are divided, polished and polished until their natural beauty can be seen.

The properties of diamonds

The hardness, brightness and brilliance of the diamonds make them unmatched as gems. In the symbolism of the gems, the diamond represents an unbreakable love and is the stone of April. The diamond stones are heavy in carats (1 carat = 200 mg) and in points (1 point = 0.01 carats) heavy. The hardness of a diamond varies considerably in a different direction, which facilitates the cutting and polishing of certain surfaces.

The trend of diamond wedding rings

It is believed that the ancient Romans began the tradition of engagement rings instead of giving money to the bride or a precious object. But its symbolism did not refer as much to love as to property. 1477 Archduke Maximilian of Austria, in the love of Mary of Burgundy, ordered the first diamond wedding ring, which led to a trend of the use of diamonds within the framework of the proposal and the creation of a tradition that we follow today.

Most women today prefer to decorate with round wedding rings and faces that look elegantly on the toes and accent the crowd. A small and sober diamond can make a difference and improve your personality. They are not just women, but men also prefer diamond jewelry that looks great with their point of view.

Recently, diamond rings with white gold levels have become a style statement among men, which include celebrities, politicians and athletes. The purity and brilliance of a diamond are now symbols of a man’s devotion to the woman he loves in almost every corner of the world.

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