Minimalist Wedding Rings, Why You Should Wear Palladium Wedding Bands

Minimalist Wedding Rings – Not long ago, diamond wedding rings were mainly for women and they were all alike. Nowadays, it is common for men to wear diamond wedding rings, and traditional men’s gold wedding rings are just the tip of the iceberg.

Tacori calls

Tacori engagement rings are unique not only in terms of style, but also materials, and have no precious stones mounted. Tacori rings are handcrafted without stones, so the buyer can choose the type of gemstone he would prefer to insert into the assembly, which is then cut to size.

Minimalist Wedding Rings

Tacori’s style is absolutely unique. If you can imagine your music, the graceful and mathematical precision of J.S. Bach, together with the sophisticated urban modernity of George Gershwin, has a clear idea of ​​what Tacori engagement rings are.

Edoardian and Art Deco were contemporary architectural and artistic styles, but the first was post-Victorian and richly Baroque, while Art-Deco was known for its sleek, minimalist lines influenced by the age of the car. The Tacori rings successfully combine these two very different styles into one type of jewelry that you will not find anywhere else.

Traditional ceremonial jewelry made with space travel materials

Tacori jewelers have also been pioneers in the use of modern alternatives to gold and silver in the production of wedding jewelry. Gold and silver, though of great beauty and brilliance, are relatively soft metals requiring some care.

Minimalist Wedding Rings

Tacori engagement rings and other wedding jewelry are made from the most durable metals in space and time. The Tacori line includes men’s titanium alliances, palladium alliances and tungsten carbide rings. Tungsten carbide is used in the production of stone cutting equipment, while palladium is an extremely hard metal with a melting point of nearly 3000 degrees Fahrenheit! Titanium is another very strong and lightweight metal that is a popular material for the best mountain and road bikes.

This means that palladium wedding rings or Tacori tungsten carbide rings are virtually indestructible. Like their men’s beliefs, these pieces resist scratches, they must not be polished and stay beautiful for generations, making them ideal relics!


Of course, those who prefer older forms can still find gold wedding rings for traditional men and diamond wedding rings. These pieces are carefully crafted by the best jewelers who use the latest tools and techniques to create high quality wedding jewelry. Whether simple alliances or traditional diamond wedding rings, gold has always had the same charm for 5,000 years.

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