Overstock Wedding Rings, Cheap Wedding Rings – These Three Stores Sell Affordable Wedding Rings

Overstock Wedding Rings – When a bride and groom get married, all they see is a daily reminder of their mutual commitment to marriage alliances. Unsurprisingly, people reserve about 3% of the total wedding budget in their rings. Marriage is a permanent commitment, so alliances must be of high quality. This does not mean that couples can not save on this purchase. Joanna Saltz writes for theknot.com: “The average price of a gold band is $ 150. For a platinum group, the average goes to $ 600 or $ 700. Diamonds can add a lot more to the cost.”

Overstock Wedding Rings

When you spend this type of money, it is important to understand what is best for you in terms of style, form, functionality and quality. In these conditions, look at these fantastic places to buy cheap wedding rings:

Goldspeed.com – This place is known for discount alliances. It has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and also in the Top 50 Internet Retailers (Best of the Web 2006). They have more than 28,000 items up to 78% of the selling price. They also offer free freight for purchases over $ 200.

Overstock.com – This place has discounts on the rings, some sold at 80% of the recommended retail price! To give you an idea of ​​what looks like a ring sold for $ 650, it only costs $ 179.99 on overstock.com (72% off). Each wedding ring shows the depreciation percentage, the selling price and the price of the inflated stock. So you know exactly what you are storing. You can buy them in the style of metal, wedding bands, wedding rings or bestsellers. Overstock.com prices because they buy excess inventory from manufacturers.

Bluenile.com – This company has become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and jewelery. They were published in the New York Times, Money and Forbes. They have also been awarded the Platinum of Platinum Award by Bizrate.com. Bluenile.com has received this award since 2002 and can be proud of the only jeweler who has already received this award. You can search by price and product to reach your goals for the wedding budget.

Another option is to look for rings to sell real estate, antique jewelers or froogle.com if your budget is very small and you are not paying attention to the rings used. Some people recommend this option to people with a budget and update the rings on their third wedding anniversary.

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