Pear Wedding Rings, Choosing Beauty and Uniqueness Over the Traditional

Pear Wedding Rings – If you want an exceptionally beautiful engagement ring, a pear-shaped engagement ring is the perfect ring for you. Although this type of cut has been famous for centuries, many women love it, even though nowadays more and more forms and cuts are developing.

Also known as a drop shape or pendulum shape, the pear shape is the result of the combination of an oval or round shape and a marquis-shaped stone. One end is rounded or may be oval, depending on the proportion and the other end may be pointed. This form was invented in 1458 by Lodewyk von Berquem. One of the largest diamonds in the world is the African star that weighs 530.20 carats, a pear-shaped diamond. No wonder that this form is really extraordinary and beautiful.

Pear Wedding Rings

Pearl rings are one of the most popular ring styles of the stars. Elizabeth Taylor, a gift from Richard Burton for her engagement day, used one of the largest tear rings with a weight of 69.42 carats. The actress Katherine Heigl and Jessica Simpson also chose a pear ring.

According to professional jewelers, the length-width ratios that are perfect for this type of cut vary from 1.45 to 1.75. But it can be adjusted according to the suggestions of the user. Pay attention, because if it becomes disproportionate, the form will not be as elegant as it could be. Moreover, you can be sure that you have a high-quality diamond with this type of cut. Pear-shaped diamonds require a very experienced jeweler to cut the perfect shape, while cutting a round shape requires only a basic knowledge of the cut.

Engagement rings are usually mounted on a solitaire and emphasize the specific shape of the stone. Normally the stone is perpendicular to the fascia; This position makes your finger thinner and more elegant. Pear-shaped stones are usually placed on the taps, but they can also be found in different configurations of engagement rings.

The unique beauty of a pear stone can be found in various types of engagement rings. Some have accent stones such as a three ring configuration; These can be round, marquise or pear-shaped decorative stones. The stone group around the central stone is a rather elegant environment, usually the round stones are accentuated. Although there are no surrounding stones, the central stone, surrounded by metallic motifs, will certainly give the ring an attractive style. Antique pear-shaped engagement rings are also a perfect choice if you like the vintage collection.

Finding a wedding ring that integrates the pear-shaped engagement ring is somewhat more difficult to find. And one of the ideas of marriage is to buy a wedding set; A simple band that completes the rounding of the pear-shaped engagement ring will certainly emphasize the two rings.

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