Redneck Wedding Rings, I Now Pronounce You Awesome! 5 Epic Wedding Themes

Redneck Wedding Rings – The classic white dress, black tuxedo, honorable ladies Match-and meticulously decorated all lined up in the chapel tastefully; Everyone has a dream wedding. For some, the idea of a traditional marriage is simply too tame. From the clothing to the place, these wedding ideas put the old taste and decoration standards on the head covered perfectly:

Redneck Wedding Rings

1) marriage “Adventure ”

If you go down the aisle, it seems to be safe, how about an adventure wedding? What about tips on a parachute and skydiving on the way to the wedding, or maybe screaming your votes all tied to the wings of a plane two in flight is more your style? More of an underwater adventurer, right? Slam in a tauchtank and dive. I hear Sharks have a great honor.

2) marriage “Scary ”

For those looking for a sort of sleeping beauty to make it official, try the scary wedding. Throw away your best black suit, take a handful of dead roses and meet your boyfriend in the graveyard for a stimulating gothic ceremony. Does it look a little too normal? How about we celebrate a zombie wedding theme full of Gore? Charm your guests with synthetic blood and a Fauxgestreiften wedding party, followed by a reception you guessed: Brain! (incorrect, preferably.) Do you have anything for a brilliant vampire game? Beat some Halloween party teeth, bring the bats, and start a marriage of undead proportions. Of course, grandma could be eaten, but it’s her special day.

3) The Wedding “geek-chic ”

Don’t worry about Sci-Fi comics and fans. They didn’t come out. After finally finding Lois in her Clark, there is a better way to spread love, then with a superhero wedding on the subject; Nothing like CAPES and pantyhose to evoke the magic of the special day. Perhaps you have already dreamt of the day you could sweep a certain sandwich-bring the princess from your feet? Dust these replicas of lightsabers and dresses and make it official (ly Awesome!). Just do your best not to refer to your stepmother as head of the favorite crimes of all the Hutts.

4) Marriage “Fanatic ”

Just because you get married doesn’t mean you have to lose to represent your favorite team. In fact, a wedding is the perfect place to show exactly how special a place your team is in your heart. Think of the box and take another step to coordinate the flowers to dye the equipment. Endless possibilities await the real sports fanatic. Does the door of the ring take a kick instead of a nice satin pad? Check. Are the honors painted as a version of the NFL? Fact. Wedding scheduled to be ready in time for the kick? Perfect.

5) marriage “Paletto ”

It does not matter of unconventional marriages would be complete without mentioning the sacred ceremony of the palette. Mimetic and cut-off denim, non-shirt men and barefoot women, these are the things that make a real redneck wedding Special. Forget the limo. This pair is based on the back of a mountain bike that runs straight into the mud swamp. Enjoy a heavy portion of venison steak or roast pork and wash it all with a lukewarm sip of Mason’s glass right moon. All the jokes aside, the peasant weddings are probably the funniest, at least until the fights burst.

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