Sailor Moon Wedding Ring, Sailor Moon Fans Can Buy Serena’s Engagement Ring Now

Sailor Moon Wedding Ring – When Usagi finally married Mamoru in Sailor Moon, she gave her a very special rose, heart-shaped ring. Now you also have your own version of the romantic ring.

Bandai Premium makes the exact replicas of a Mamoru that are used to suggest Sailor Moon. The ring has a central stone in the shape of a bright pink heart, surrounded by bright/white gems, whose composition depends on the version of the ring that is obtained.

Sailor Moon Wedding Ring

A Platinum version joins the stone with 0.13-carat diamonds, while instead, it provides a silver version with white topaz. In each ring is engraved with “Mamoru to Usagi ” and come with a pink, heart-shaped enclosure with the phrase “Let’s get married, use, ” which is exactly how Mamoru suggested.

If the romance is too much and you only have this beautiful ring, there are some catches. First, the ring is not cheap. It costs 162 000 yen or $1480 and you have to wait a while to get the beautiful Christmas decorations on your finger. The rings are available until July 1 in pre-order and are scheduled for launch in August.

For those who do not know Sailor Moon, the iconic franchise debuted in 1991 thanks to Naoko Takeuchi, when Nakayoshi launched the manga the first edition. More than 20 years later, Sailor Moon is one of the most influential Shojo series ever made and has popularized the sub-genre of a magical girl with fans around the world. The original series is available for streaming on Hulu, and describe the following series:

“Usagi Tan is a clumsy teenager, but Kindf√§higer becomes the powerful guardian of Love and Justice, Sailor Moon. Usagi and his team of planetary Guardians, who meet with allies along the path that share the same fate, are struggling to protect the universe from the forces of evil and total destruction. “

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