Nerdy Wedding Rings, Nerdy Wedding Rings For Men


Nerdy Wedding Rings - The charisma and the charm of the geek are powerful. Fascinating guy screens geek Rivers Cuomo of Weezer has Nerd glasses an accessory, and Stephen Colbert, whose obsession and unparalleled knowledge of the universe of Tolkien has remained a sweet size geek tops the list of celebrities (only in your dreams, well, happily married.

Nerdy Wedding Rings

Or obsessions are turning everything in space, science fiction, literature, mathematics or sports (yes, really sports geeks), present a nerd wedding ring that celebrates and honors all its cute quirks.

Deep Space Sci-Fi Themed Rings

The man that Star Trek, Star Wars likes and enjoys the endless wonders of the universe, deserves a ring of stars. Of a band adorned with an intarsia of a real meteorite of Gibeon. More than four billion years ago, the meteorite fell to earth in present-day Gibeon, Namibia.

Choose a yellow gold band or remove another metal from the periodic table and choose zircon or titanium sandblasted.

Regardless of the metal element, it will be the geek for the piece of rocky meteor that pulls its ring. Mutant, where many men were before, through a wedding hall.

Overcome your knowledge of the universe and give it a nerdy alliance with black diamonds. These dark celestial stones may seem typical, but their geological composition contains a celestial mystery. The carbonados, as they are known scientifically, have a composition that differs from a typical diamond. Research suggests that black diamonds were formed during stellar supernova explosions. The carbonados are literally out of the world!

Rings for a More Earthly Nerd

If your husband likes fewer and fewer stars, what is happening here, there are also dancer rings for him. Try a ring with a real bone inlay, dinosaur, like a wedding ring for men with a frosted dinosaur insert. We do not try to spend a lot of time in the lab, otherwise you could be near an amusement park in your garden full of extinct monster.

The dinosaur bone is a beautifully polished fossil that can be found in different colors. If the black belt and the overlap of the earth are not entirely your style, look for something with a splash of color, such as the blue, red or pink dinosaurusbot insert.

If the dinosaurs do not do their thing, but science is still trying, then maybe try a group with a double helix model. Be careful when asking about crossed alleles.

Bands that Speak in Codes of Love

Create an exclusive wedding ring for computer engineering that describes the love code. Choose a standard ring in white gold or platinum and burn the belt with a roll of binary code. For a nod to a nerd, write a set of voices with the 10 reasons why you like it.

Choose a thin code set, a ring with a futuristic touch like a digital camouflage ring, which is an interruption pattern in the form of pixels. Write a message in the code of the band, any code. If you like all things related to military history, you can initial the group with the military alphabet code.

The Sports Geek’s Game Winning Band

The sports nerd exists. Each season is obsessed with their favorite sport and ESPN is still their television that should not be missed. He can provide statistics on the players before his life. There is no better way to honor his love for him and his love for the game than with a ring that resembles the dance of this sport.

Whether on the road to the British Wildcats or KU Jayhawks, the polka dot finish and the deep grooves of the basketball group make the bridal dancer.

The ring of a matte texture creates an alliance of nerofagus for the vote of an eternal golfer. Present an allusion to his obsession with the left with this exclusive cobalt band.

The Music Nerd’s Noted Band

For the man who played in the high school group, who loves music and who calls himself his guitar, they chose a nerdy alliance with a musical influence.

The men's guitar ring has a laser-etched guitar pattern and a black zirconia band. Wherever you go, you will always carry this six-string rope.

If you are obsessed with any grunge and want to wander the muddy banks of the Wishkah, give it the ring, which attracts Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana. The Seattle Skyline Ring pays homage to the grunge hometown and contains the iconic Space Needle.

Anime and Wedding Bands

Your nerd is not like the others. He is the real thing. Comics, superhero movies, anime and Kontras, your nerd does it all. Probably also won cosplay contests. If your future husband has something to do with Japanese culture and is not afraid to show it, give him a group created by Mokume Gane.

Unique and dynamic, this metal working technique was invented in Japan and, as the name implies, consisted of creating pieces that resembled the grain of wood. Each group is unique not only for the creative process, but they are very beautiful works of art. Is there a better way to honor your nerd's inner otaku?

In your love story, the nerd always takes the girl! It celebrates its peculiarities and charm with a ring that captures its unique spirit and brilliant brilliance, irresistible but irresistible.

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