Pear Shaped Wedding Rings, Choosing the Perfect Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Pear Shaped Wedding Rings - Why choose a pear-shaped diamond? Perhaps one of the most exciting moments in a woman's life is getting a marriage proposal from the man she loves. No suggestion would be romantic enough without the perfect engagement ring. For a man looking for a nice ring for his friend, pear-shaped engagement rings are one of the most stylish styles that should be taken into account.

Also known as teardrop or pendeloque, this beautiful style is a combination of traditional round or light oval and diamond style marquee. The resulting single drop shape has 58 faces and offers excellent brightness and elegance when ring settings are simple or seamless.

Pear Shaped Wedding Rings

When choosing pear-shaped engagement rings, it is important to consider the quality of diamond cut. Two cutting problems to consider are the flying effect and the high or uneven shoulders. A protruding effect is obvious when a dark butterfly-shaped area is visible around the middle or thickest part of the stone.

While it is not uncommon for diamonds or gemstones to fall to little Papillon effect from some angles, it is best to stone with dark or black areas appear opaque to prevent from any angle and in bright light. To the naked eye, all sides of the stone must be symmetrical. Pear Stones, which have no rounding and fold smoothly at the broad end, are considered as high or uneven shoulders.

This defect is clearly visible to the naked eye and can reduce the stone's value and make it difficult to install in the standard configuration. For strength and style would be to form the ratio between length and width of a brick like a pear, preferably between 1.45: 1 and 1.75: 1.

In addition to the two ends of these messages, the stone appear marquise cut more or oval , Even the fine point of the stone must be sharp. Color and clarity are also important considerations in choosing drip rings. Although a diamond or larger gems may look better, a small colored stone and superior clarity may be a better way than a larger defect.

Designs for Drip Engagement Rings

Popular lamps engagement rings designs as are the traditional diamond solitaire with an advanced six-pointed that the most elaborate single diamond pavé shape of the stone, and setting where the large pear-shaped main stone surrounded by a round stone jewel or small cut princesses, which are "paved" in the ring.

For six-sided adjustment, it is important that there is only one bar at the pointed end of the stone to secure it correctly. Some pear-shaped engagement rings also have two smaller, pear-shaped, round or austere stones on each side of the main central stone. This design is known as a three part engagement ring.

Typically, the main stone is arranged perpendicular to the ring pulp can be supplied (parallel to the direction of the finger), but some jeweler and the transverse pear steering rings.

A strip of white gold or platinum is usually the best choice for a tear gas stone. If formed by a wedding ring in combination with the engagement rings as a pear, a simple ring without many ornate decorations is always a good choice to emphasize the sparkling pear and single cut.

Although there is no "right" way to use drip rings, it is more common to use the ring with the pointed end of the nails. This alignment gives the fingers a thin, elastic effect. However, some women prefer to wear the ring with the tip on the wrist, which makes the stone a little larger. In any case, a woman who chooses to use, the effect is flattering and feminine, and certainly generate admiration and congratulations from friends.

Pear-shaped engagement rings are an incredible alternative to the traditional round or oval engagement ring. If the future bride is elegant and feminine, a pear-shaped engagement ring would be a good option to put the big question.

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