Viking Wedding Rings, How to Add a Slice of Your Scandinavian Heritage to Your Wedding

Viking Wedding Rings - If you want to add some of your legacy to the wedding ceremony, you are not the only one. Millions of couples embrace their ancestors and decide to include some of the best traditions from around the world at their home ceremonies.

These are some of the most interesting wedding traditions you could find if you were attending a wedding in a Scandinavian country. If you or your family come from one of these countries, why not try to add the sentences in your ancestor's native language for a truly memorable touch?

Viking Wedding Rings

Scandinavia, origin of the British, Vikings and Hamlets, is a group of countries with unique wedding customs. In Denmark, a pine arch, the honorary gate, is erected in front of the bride's house. At some point in the reception, the groom will leave the room and all men can kiss the bride. When he returns he goes and kisses the guests.

At the time of the Vikings, the betrothed paid a dowry for the bride and the bride's family. These combined funds were given to the couple at the end of the wedding ceremony to serve as a starting point for the spouses.

Today, parents collect money in the shoes of the bride. The father brings money to the show on the left and the mother brings gold to the right shoe. Moreover, the shoes have remained unsolved, believing that this will guarantee easy delivery in the future.

On Friday, traditional Viking weddings are always celebrated on Fridays, they are considered Frigga days and are therefore sacred. The couple is often sanctified at the beginning of the ceremony by a pinch of pine wood in the wine.

The bride and groom can present the rings at the end of a ceremonial sword, and the vows are often recited while both hands are alert and remind the couple that marriage is a lasting commitment for men and women.

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